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->July 14, 2014 Update
PDF Updated program; The Second Indonesia - Japan Symposium (PDF)
->March 13, 2013
PDF The First Indonesia-Japan Symposium - Presentation files are posted (PDF)
->February 6, 2013
PDF Updated program; The First Indonesia - Japan Symposium (PDF)
->October 16, 2012
PDF Human Resource Exchange with Universities and Research Institutions (PDF)
->October 12, 2012
PDF Organizational Change - Fiscal Year 2012 (PDF)
->August 3, 2012
PDF The outcomes of the second Science Board Meeting (PDF)
->July 30, 2012
Placement of a liaison official has boosted interaction with EMA
->July 27, 2012
PDF The PMDA convenes the second Science Board meeting (PDF)
->June 22, 2012
PDF The outcomes of the first Science Board Meeting (PDF)
->June 22, 2012
PDF PMDA convenes inaugural Science Board meeting - enhancing the review system responding to the Medical Innovations - (PDF)
->April 27, 2012
PDF News Release: A delegation from Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), United Kingdom visited PMDA for the first Japan- UK bilateral meeting. (PDF)
->February 20, 2012
3rd China - Japan Symposium on Drug Development- focusing on Current Status of Global Clinical Trials, Utilization of Clinical Data and Clinical Trial Consultation System - (Presentation files are posted)
->February 16, 2012
PDF Extension of Confidentiality Arrangement between EC/EMA and MHLW/PMDA (PDF)
->November 30, 2011
PDF Report on the 4th China-Korea-Japan Director-General Meeting and Working Group on Pharmaceutical Affairs are posted (PDF)
->November 9, 2011
2011 APEC Multi-Regional Clinical Trials TOKYO Workshop Highlighting Korea, China and Japan Tripartite Symposium (Presentation files are posted)
->August 23, 2011
PDF MHLW/PMDA delegation visited China SFDA (PDF)
->April 12, 2011
The Second China-Japan Symposium on Drug Development March 29th 2011 in Beijing (Presentation files are posted)
->April 11, 2011
PDF News Release: The Second China - Japan Symposium on Drug Development focusing on IND, Pre-Consultation, GMP and DMF system (PDF)
->March 16, 2011
PDF 2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake - PMDA's Current Situation (PDF)
->March 17, 2011
Urgent Message on 2011 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake from Dr. Tatsuya Kondo, PMDA Chief Executive
->March 14, 2011
PDF Tohoku district - off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake - PMDA's current situation (PDF)
->September 27, 2010
PDF News Release: PMDA participated in China-Korea-Japan Director-General meeting and APEC Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Seoul Workshop Highlighting Korea, China and Japan Tripartite Symposium (PDF)
->June 25, 2010
2010 China-Japan Symposium on Global Clinical Trials and Ethnic Factors(Presentation files are posted)
->June 7, 2010
PDF News Release: PMDA co-hosted "Symposium on global clinical trials and ethnic factors was held in Beijing" (PDF)
->March 1, 2010
PDF PMDA dispatched its liaison to Washington D.C. (PDF)
->December 25, 2009
PDF News Release: MHLW/PMDA participated in China-Japan-Korea Working Group on Clinical Trials, Director-General Meeting on Pharmaceutical Affairs, and Clinical Trial Symposium 2009, held in Beijing (PDF)
->December 17, 2009
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