Office of International Programs

1. Mission

Office of International Programs (OIP) orchestrates PMDA's international activities to advance the Agency's mission to promote public health and safety of the Japanese.

2. Guiding Principles

OIP is committed to

  • maximizing effectiveness of PMDA's total international activities,
  • ensuring that PMDA's international responsibilities are fulfilled,
  • collaborating closely with the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare to act united as Japan's drug regulatory authority in the international arena, and
  • cooperating with the counterpart agencies in order to promote international harmonization and leverage resources.

3. Roles and Organization

  • Office of International Programs (OIP) is representing PMDA in the Agency's bilateral relations with other countries' regulatory authorities.
  • OIP is PMDA's focal point of communications, such as sharing of public and non-public information, with foreign counterparts and international organizations around the world.
  • OIP is promoting international regulatory harmonization.
  • OIP consists of Division of Planning and Coordination (DPC), and Division of Regulatory Cooperation (DRC).
  • DPC mainly deals with planning as well as public relations of PMDA's international activities, promotion of personnel exchanges, and organizing international meetings sponsored by PMDA.
  • DRC's main responsibilities lie in managing relationship between PMDA and other countries' regulatory authorities as well as international organizations. DRC is PMDA's principal contact point with these.