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IconApr. 24, 2014 New
The schedule of JP publication is updated.
The preface of the Supplement II to the JP 16th edition (provisional translation) is uploaded.
IconApr. 24, 2014 New
PDG Stage 4 Draft for Peptide Mapping (Revision 1) is posted.
IconMar. 25, 2014
The errata for the JP 16th edition is updated.
The errata for the Supplement I to the JP 16th edition is uploaded.
IconMar. 19, 2014
The monograph titles are added to the JP 16th edition Supplement II, "Contents."
A provisional translation of the Ministerial Notification No. 47 is uploaded.
IconMar. 3, 2014
JP16th Edition Supplement II "Contents" is uploaded.
IconFeb. 28, 2014
MHLW announced implementation of Supplement II to the Japanese Pharmacopoeia Sixteenth Edition.
IconJan. 24, 2014
PDG Stage 4 drafts for Hydroxyethylcellulose and Hydroxypropylcellulose, Low Substituted are posted.
IconJan. 22, 2014
ICH Q4B Annex 6 "Uniformity of Dosage Units General Chapter" Step 4 text is uploaded.
The status of ICH Q4B Annexes is updated.
IconNov. 22, 2013
PDF"PDG Press Release" (Tokyo, Japan, 5-6 November 2013) (PDF) is uploaded.
"PDG State of Work" and "PDG Implementation Timetable" are updated.
IconAug. 26, 2013
The errata for the JP16th edition is updated.
IconJul. 22, 2013
PDG Stage 4 Drafts for Povidone (Rev. 1) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are uploaded.
IconJul.12, 2013
PDF "PDG Press Release" (Strasbourg, France, 26-27 June 2013) (PDF) is uploaded.
"PDG State of Work" and "Implementation Timetable" are updated.
The "JP FAQ" page is launched.
IconMay 31, 2013
PDF The partial revision of JP 16th edition was notified (May 31, 2013, the MHLW Ministerial Notification No.190). The revised general test <6.02> Uniformity of Dosage Units and the revised monograph Gelatin are officially published (PDF).
IconApr. 22, 2013
PDF Supplement I to the JP Sixteenth Edition (September 27, 2012, the MHLW Ministerial Notification No.519) (PDF) is available.
IconMar. 29, 2013
The status of ICH Q4B Annexes is uploaded.
IconJan. 10, 2013
PDG Stage 4 Draft for SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis is uploaded.


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