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The Second Term (2014 April - ) Subcommittees

The Science Board Subcommittees

The Science Board Subcommittees ("Subcommittees") were established for PMDA staff members to discuss issues they are facing with the Subcommittees' members who are the front line researchers of their specialized fields.

The Subcommittees are not open to public since documents of individual products would be used in the course of discussion even they are not involved in the review process of individual products.

The Second Term (2014 April - ) Subcommittees

Below are the currently active Subcommittees. (New Subcommittees and cross-cutting working groups will be set up when necessary).

Please click the subcommittee names for detailed activities.

Subcommittee on Placebo-controlled Studies

Subcommittee on Non-clinical Studies

Subcommittee on Application of Numerical Analysis to Non-clinical Evaluation

Subcommittee on Evaluation of Medical Devices in Pediatric Use

CPC (Cell Processing Center) Subcommittee

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The Second Term (2014 April - ) Subcommittees