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The 7th Thailand-Japan Symposium

December 14, 2020
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency


Globalization of research and development, manufacturing and marketing of medical products has progressed, and cooperation in regulatory activities amongst regulatory agencies has become more and more important.  Nowadays, Asian countries have become significant in the area of clinical development and manufacturing of medical products, and therefore, PMDA strives to strengthen the collaborative relationship with the Asian regulatory agencies.
In April 2018, MHLW*1 and Thai FDA*2 concluded the MOU*3 to further strengthen the current favorable relationship between respective regulatory authority.  This symposium is planned and organized to tighten the mutual relationship and the cooperative framework for regulation of medical products and to promote thorough understanding of regulatory systems of the two host countries.
In this Symposium, we will share our latest information about pharmaceuticals and medical devices regulation in Japan and Thai, such as approaches to efficient review and post-marketing safety measures in both countries in the session on pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
*1 MHLW : The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan
*2 Thai FDA : The Food and Drug Administration of Ministry of Public Health of the Kingdom of Thailand
*3 Memorandum of Cooperation on Medical Products Regulation Dialogue and Cooperation Framework


Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA), Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA)


13th and 14th  January, 2021


The symposium will be held by virtual (Zoom).
Participants will receive the link by email.


Online Registration Click :
Deadline 4th January, 2021

* Please note the number of participants is limited. In case the number of applicant is exceed the capacity, we may not be able to meet a request.


Simultaneous interpretation (Thai-Japanese/Japanese-Thai)


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