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The Science Board Subcommittees

 The Science Board Subcommittees ("Subcommittees") were established for PMDA staff members to discuss issues they are facing with the Subcommittees' members who are the front line researchers of their specialized fields.

 The Subcommittee meetings are independent of the PMDA review process, but because information about individual products may be discussed, the meetings are held in closed session. All meeting materials and minutes will be disclosed in Japanese (except for confidential information).

In Progress

Subcommittee on Software as a Medical Device Utilizing AI and Machine Learning


Subcommittee on Therapeutic Products Based on Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) Including Exosomes
Subcommittee on Computer Simulation
Subcommittee on Microbiome
Subcommittee on AMR
Subcommittee on Genome Editing
Subcommittee on Rare Cancers
Subcommittee on Pharmaceuticals Development
Subcommittee on AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Subcommittee on Placebo-controlled Studies
Subcommittee on Non-clinical Studies
Subcommittee on Application of Numerical Analysis to Non-clinical Evaluation
Subcommittee on Evaluation of Medical Devices in Pediatric Use
CPC (Cell Processing Center) Subcommittee
Pharmaceuticals Subcommittee
Bio-products Subcommittee
Medical Devices Subcommittee
Cellular and Tissue-based Products Subcommittee

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