Pmda - Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency

Relief Services for Adverse Health Effects

Outline of Relief Services for Adverse Health Effects

  • We have "Adverse Drug Reaction Relief System" to compensate for death or health damages requiring hospitalization, caused by appropriately used prescribed and purchased drugs.
  • We have "Relief System for Infections Derived from Biological Products" to compensate death, health damages requiring hospitalization caused by infections from appropriately used biological products.
  • We provide "Healthcare Allowance" to SMON patients under the commission of Japanese government and pharmaceutical companies.
  • We also provide "Healthcare Allowance" to HIV-positive and AIDS patients under the commission of the Yu-ai Welfare Foundation.
  • We provide compensations in accordance with "the Special Measures Law concerning the Payment of Benefits to Relieve the Patients of Hepatitis C Infected through Specified Fibrinogen Preparations and Specified Blood-Coagulation Factor IX Preparations Contaminated by Hepatitis C Virus."