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PMDA Alert for Proper Use of Drugs

"PMDA Alert for Proper Use of Drugs" provides the information on the proper use of pharmaceutical products which already has been alerted in package inserts or in other ways, however on which cases which were applied as relief benefits or were reported as adverse reactions have been still repeated. This page is intended to make easy-to-understand explanations using graphic illustrations on such safety matters that medical professionals should pay attention to and to ask them to maintain the proper use of drugs thoroughly.

Posted on No. Title
April 2022 14 Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome Caused by Drugs Used for Treatment of Infertility
October 2020 13 Hypercalcaemia Induced by Eldecalcitol and Adherence to Blood Testing
October 2019 12 Serious Skin Disorders with Lamotrigine and Adherence to Dosage and Administration
March 2017 11 Dependence associated with Benzodiazepine Receptor Agonists
September 2014 10 Adverse Events in Pregnant Women and Foetuses Associated with Use of ARBs and ACE Inhibitors
June 2012 9 Early Detection of Drug-induced Serious Skin Disorders
May 2012 8 Serious hypocarnitinemia and hypoglycaemia in children treated with antibacterials with a pivoxil group
October 16, 2012

May 2012
(Originally Posted)
7 Compliance with Measurement of Blood Lithium Level during Treatment with Lithium Carbonate
February 2012 6 Compliance with Dosage and Administration and Ensuring Early Detection for Lamictal Tablets (lamotorigine)-induced Serious Skin Disorders
December 2011 5 Periodic blood tests and symptom checks should be performed for prevention and early detection of agranulocytosis associated with the antithyroid drug thiamazole.
November 2011 4 Recommendation of periodic liver function tests and monitoring of signs/symptoms for patients treated with the gout/hyperuricaemia treatment benzbromarone
October 2011 3 Hepatitis B viral growth associated with the use of drugs with immunosupressive effects
October 2011 2 Automobile accidents associated with the use of smoking cessation aid CHAMPIX (varenicline tartrate)
August 2010 1 Compliance with conduct of laboratory tests before and after administration of salazosulfapyridine


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PMDA Alert for Proper Use of Drugs