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Record of Consultations on Pharmacogenomics / Biomarkers

PMDA publishes on its website the results of the Consultation on Pharmacogenomics/Biomarkers held with the Predictive Safety Testing Consortium (PSTC) because PSTC requested the information addressed at the consultation to be made publicly available.
The contents and results of consultations conducted by PMDA are not subject to public disclosure, in principle. However, PMDA has decided to disclose the record of the consultation in the original Japanese as well as in English translation*, considering that such disclosure will not benefit certain companies or products alone but will help future drug development as a whole.
The conclusion shown in the record reflects the current PMDA's thoughts based on the submitted documents and scientific knowledge available at the time of the consultation. Please note, therefore, that the appropriateness of such conclusion may change as additional knowledge is accumulated and science advances.

*In the event of inconsistency between the Japanese original and the translation, the former shall prevail.