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4th PMDA Training Seminar(DAY 2)

Topic One: Lectures of the second day

Lectures of the second day

Day 2 program was started with a lecture on Review of Pharmaceuticals.

Following the first class, regulations on biosimilars, and review process and regulations on bioequivalence were lectured. During the group work regarding biosimilars, lively discussions were made among the participants.


Topic Two: Group Work

Group WorkGroup Work

In the afternoon, the group work regarding bioequivalence was conducted.

The action assignment based on cases in Japan were given by lectures and then discussions were made by the grouped participants. The opinions were actively exchanged about the answers on the discussed cases from the each group.

Comments from participants

Mr. Abdullah AlHajri, Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA)

It was a nice meeting, we appreciate your invitation and this seminar was useful in some levels. Hope for the best next time.

Mr. Abdullah AlHajri, Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA)

Japanese View 2

Futamigaura, Mie



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