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Notifications Related to Safety Measures (Regenerative Medical Products)

Notifications issued from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour (MHLW) related to safety measures for regenerative medical products are listed here.

Date Title Original in Japanese
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September 13, 2022
HPB/DPMM 0913 No.3
PSEHB/PSD 0913 No.3
Labeling of Codes on Containers to Identify Regenerative Medical Products, etc. PDF
July 29, 2022
PMDA/OIMS Notification No.0729001
PMDA/OPI Notification No.0729001
PMDA/OPII Notification No.0729001
PMDA/OMQVMD Notification No.0729001
Points to Consider, etc. for Consultation associated with Revision, etc. of Package Inserts, etc. PDF


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Notifications Related to Safety Measures (Regenerative Medical Products)