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Notification on self-check (FY 2020)

Posted date Device name Detailed information on revisions of Notification (from MHLW)
February 18, 2021
PSEHB/MDED Notification 0218 No.1
PSEHB/PSD Notification 0218 No.1
Drug-eluting stent for femoral artery
Drug-coated balloon dilatation catheter
Self-inspection of Package Insert for Paclitaxel-coated Balloons and Stents in the Femoropopliteal Artery
December 21, 2020
PSEHB/MDED Notification 1221 No.1
PSEHB/PSD Notification 1221 No.1
Ventilators Self-inspection, etc. of Ventilators concerning Products Used in Combination with Them


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Notification on self-check (FY 2020)