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The 8th Bio-products Subcommittee Meeting

Press Release

(Joint Meeting with the Pharmaceuticals Subcommittee)
Date and Time: January 17, 2014  from 4pm to 5:30pm

Agenda / List of Handouts

  1. Topics on personalized medicines
    - Specimen collection from patients and its storage
  2. Topics on vaccines
  3. Others
List of Handouts
  • Document 1 Specimen collection from patients, its storage and utilization system(Provided by Dr. Toru Masui, National Institute of Biomedical Innovation)
  • Document 2-1 Providing topics on (preventive) vaccines(Provided by Dr. Ken Ishii, a member of the Bio-products Subcommittee)
  • Document 2-2 Providing topics on (preventive) vaccines(Modified version of the material #2-1 for publishing purpose)
  • Ref.1 The role of the second term of the Science Board(Modified version of the material #3 of the 5th Science Committee)