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Regulatory Science/The Science Board/Standard Development

The 1st Subcommittee on Rare Cancers

Press Release

Date and Time: October 19, 2016 from 5pm to 7pm

Agenda / List of Handouts

  1. Introduction of the Subcommittee members
  2. About the Science Board and the Subcommittees
  3. Drug Evaluation for Rare Diseases (Dr. Mamoru Narukawa, a Member of the Subcommittee) (Result Summary of Health and Labor Sciences Research)
  4. Drug Development for Rare Cancers (from Point of View of a Clinician) (Dr. Masashi Ando, a Member of the Subcommittee)
  5. Points to Consider and Future Plan
  6. Others
List of Handouts
  • Document 1 Scope of the Subcommittee
  • Document 2 Report of Health and Labor Sciences Research
  • Document 3 Summary of Opinions from the Committee
  • Document 4 Lecture Materials (Dr. Mamoru Narukawa, a Member)
  • Document 5 Lecture Materials (Dr. Masashi Ando, a Member)