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The 6th Subcommittee on Rare Cancers

Press Release

Date and Time: August 18, 2017 from 4pm to 6pm

Agenda / List of Handouts

  1. Deelopment of Drugs for Rare Cancers – from Experience of GIST- (Dr. Toshihiko Doi, Deputy Director, National Cancer Center Hospital East)
  2. How to Improe Access of Rare Cancers Patients to Medicines Etc. Under Uniersal Health Insurance (Dr. Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Deputy Director, National Cancer Center Hospital)
  3. Presentation from Reports Each Section Representatie
  4. Points to Consider and Future Plan
List of Handouts
  • Document 1 The 5th Subcommittee Minutes Summary
  • Document 2 The 1st-5th Subcommittee Discussion Summary
  • Document 3 Lecture Materials (Dr. Toshihiko Doi)
  • Document 4 Lecture Materials (Dr. Yasuhiro Fujiwara)