Pmda - Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency

Regulatory Science/The Science Board/Standard Development

The 5th Subcommittee on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Press Release

Date and Time: July 19, 2017 from 5pm to 7pm

Agenda / List of Handouts

  1. Lecture and Exchange of Opinions on AI (Artificial Intelligence)
    • AI Ethics and Governance
      (Dr. Arisa Ema, Project Assistant Professor, The Science Interpreter Training Program, Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence (KOMEX), College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo)
    • Legal Liability and Regulations on AI
      (Dr. Shigeto Yonemura, Associate Professor, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, the University of Tokyo)
  2. Points to Consider and Future Plan
  3. Others
List of Handouts
  • Document 1 Lecture Materials (Dr. Arisa Ema)
  • Document 2 Lecture Materials (Dr. Shigeto Yonemura)
  • Document 3 Report Chapter and Member in Charge (Draft)
  • Document 4 Report Table of Contents and Contents of Description (Draft)
  • Ref.1 Approved Medical Devices and Future AI Loaded Medical Devices 
  • Ref.2 Technical Classification and Applied Classification (Draft)