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Pediatric Drugs WG

About this WG

This WG organizes the points at issues over pediatric drugs and investigate the measures for expediting the review as well as encouraging their development through the exchange of information with overseas relevant organizations.

Our Task

  • Encourage industries and investigators to develop medicinal products for children
  • Strengthen collaboration with foreign regulatory agencies for development of pediatric medicines
  • Studying and organizing past reviews and cases of consultations
  • Exchanging views with domestic stakeholders (medical institutions, industry groups)


November, 2011


Office of New Drug I to V
Office of Cellular and Tissue-based Products
Office of Vaccines and Blood Products
Office of Pharmacovigilance I to II
Office of Regulatory Science Coordination

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November 26, 2020
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August 31, 2020
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August 31, 2020
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Past Presentations (Last 5 years)

First Exchange Meeting on Facilitating R&D and Scientific Supervision for Pediatric Drugs in China, Web, June 2022


Joint EFGCP/DIA Conference “Better Medicines for Children”, Web, October 2021


17th Annual Meeting DIA Japan 2020, Web, September 2020


17th Annual Meeting DIA Japan 2020, Web, September 2020


16th Annual Meeting, DIA Japan 2019, Tokyo, Japan, November 2019