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Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) WG

About this WG

Ten years have passed since iPSC were first made. During that time, as iPSC technology became widespread, various studies have been conducted. And now, development of innovative medicines and regenerative medicine using iPSC is extremely expected.

In this WG, point to consider for matters related to the development and evaluation of pharmaceuticals using iPSC is discussed.


August, 2018


Office of New Drug I-V
Office of Cellular and Tissue-based Products
Office of Vaccines and Blood Products
Office of Research Promotion


Maruyama Y, Tsunoda S, Saijo Y, Nosaka Y, Okudaira S, Kameda T,Hayashi Y, Izumi K, Maki K, Shinagawa K,
Application of InducedPluripotent Stem Cells in Drug Discovery and Regenerative Medicine.
Regul Sci Med Prod. 10(1):33-40, 2020